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Xbox one-eighty


Microsoft severely damaged the reputation of the Xbox One during its product reveal. After showing of the capabilities of its entertainment options, the company made a list of restrictions that the Xbox would have that would enrage the gaming community, inadvertently setting up Sony’s rule at E3.
The Xbox One would require the Kinect to work, and the kinect would always be on, even as the console is sleeping.
The Xbox One required the internet, and had to check in once an hour.
The Xbox One did not allow indies to self-publish
The Xbox One required Xbox gold to access anything on the console.
Microsoft against used games: the Xbox could only be traded it at approved microsoft trade-in partners.
After the completely negative feedback Microsoft did something that was good for the consumer, but ever worse for the gaming community. they retracted. everything. This also ruins the company’s reputation, making the company seem as though they cannot stick to their guns. the 180 makes you wonder the about the confidence Microsoft really has about the product and the dedication toward the Xbox division’s “vision.”
In comparison, notice Microsoft’s competitors. Nintendo and Sony. This may happen behind the scenes, but in the public eye, the company’s vision for the console never changes. the marketing may differ, but the vision remains the same.