World terrain: Draft 2 – Digital Thoughts in an Analogue World

World terrain: Draft 2

I created my second map using Axis Game Factory (AGF) Pro and was impressed with how fast I could create terrain and then test it right away.


There was one problem. The world builder was new, and the transition from AGF to Unity was rougher than it should be. The world builder was actually created with unity, adding to the expectation that the transition should be seamless. The next best thing would be to use heightmaps exported from AGF and place them into unity, then tweak from there.

This is the result:


Notice the land was all sand-based. Working with assets, terrain composer and RTP, I was attempting to do auto-materials to the terrain, which failed, of course… since I am not familiar with curves. I decided the best thing to do Is to hand create the textures. Keeping the assets intact for the filters was by far the best thing to do, leaving me with this result:

adding grass2

The game looks even better in motion, but it is obvious that tweaks will be needed:

There is much more to be done. the game needs exteriors and interiors for the game. NPC’s are needed. Quest are needed.

Even though there is more that I need to do, I am proud of the progress so far.