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I am beginning to look into Volumetric lighting. This may be too much for an RPG but is a good look at awesome tech. Link is below.

Volumetric light is a beautiful effect you can add to Unity to enhance the realism of lighting. Real light reflects from air particles to cast glowing cones between the source and the surfaces of objects. Unity doesn’t have this built in yet, but there are several packages that can help you add it. SlightlyMad Volumetric Light by […]

via Volumetric Light — Gamebridge Unityversity

  • Alex Peake

    Volumetric light is working wel for me so far it took minutes to do and I think it could reqlly lend itsef to dramatic locations for jrpg battles not to mention powers that emit lights and big over the top spells and summons

    • skwiggs1983

      good to hear. I will definitely look further into it. Thank you for sharing.