Visualizing Destiny, or lack thereof – Digital Thoughts in an Analogue World

Visualizing Destiny, or lack thereof


What do you think of when you think about destiny?


no, not that destiny…

Destiny is defined as a predetermined event. Not just any predetermined event, but one that, in the past or in the future, define you or. Let’s use the aforementioned “Destiny.” as an example. In that world, there is a legend that has a fallen guardian awaken from the dead and assisting with the survival or mankind. The legend is the predetermined event, which happens when GHOST finds “you” in Russia.

An informal way that people look at the word Destiny is when a person has a natural affinity for something and is subconsciously using that ability, ie. leadership skills, the ability to strategize on the fly, or adept at learning/using fighting techniques. You may hear that the person is “Destined to lead,” or “Destined to be a great warrior.”  The “event” would be when its time for that person to lay it all on the line, while relying on those talents. Crunch Time, the Red Zone, etc.

The latter is what I am going for in the game, but with an added twist. What if that “event” was sabotaged? how would the main character react.

Outside of the game, how could you project that feeling into art, like a poster or a Title Screen.

I do know more ideas will come as the game develops, but during the planning stages there has been a few ideas that I want to do that will assist with branding. I did not do much branding with my last project because it was my first project and not one I was planning on selling. This project will be a much longer one and I want to make sure that each facet is correct.