Updates and feature additions

First, the game name “Lost Destinies” is not going to be used. The game sounds to much like “Destiny,” so I believe that it is time to let the name go.

Instead I will be changing the name, the one that stands out so far is Destimonium. similar to SiDefect – which combined Side Effect with Defect, or Science and Defect – Destimonium would combine Destiny with Pandemonium. this still fits what is going on in the characters’ lives during the game.


So far the game title looks good with the name change.

Also: I am working on a mini game with RPG maker. some of the lore from the main game will be part of the mini game, with a few changes. Most likely you will follow one of the inheritors.

Finally, the feature addition: The RPG will have voice acting! thanks to SALSA, the game will have facial animation. an example is in the video below.