Tweaking the story to match the games.

I finally finished floor one of the prison level. This to longer than I thought, because I underestimated the work that needed to be done using the framework. I also added a few events that I created on my own to speed up learning on the system.


Originally, the game was supposed to have 3 guards that will follow you until you melt chains with your fire energy. However, with the animators being no longer in Michigan I needed to change the cutscene to match the animations that I have at my disposal. I used what was available, along with Lip Sync tech and animations that I received after Mixamo was acquired by Adobe, to further assist with the cutscene.

I wanted to show how the guards are reacting now that they know he has been out of commission for a year. the Guards believe that he, like the other prisoners, were not a threat. they quickly learn otherwise when  they let him go and one of the guards feels a lot of heat. this places the other guards on alert and they hunt him down as he approaches. This was not a part of the game at first, but the the option to “hunt down” was a neat feature that I wanted to implement in my game.

Also, the decision to make one of the guards steal Alex’s weapon was part of the intro added into the game. I wanted to add hints, similar to the intro stages in Super Mario Bros and Mega Man X, that will tell you how to play the game without holding your hand. this is the reason why the main character torches the guard in the beginning of the game. this hints that the main character is a Fire Magick user. Taking your sword back will allow you to equip the sword and begin to melee attack. this will also show the gamer that weapons are very important. Without them, you cannot attack, and there are other parts of the game that will show more about weapons and items that will aid in the strategy of the game.

all of this information is in the first floor of the game, and will become more pronounced in previous floors.