The Checklist: The Fail Condition

The Checklist that I normally use for SiDefect is as follows:

Title Screen

Pause Screen

Game Over Screen

One Completed Level

Pass Condition (or Game Win Goal)

Fail Condition (or Game Over Trigger)

Today, I decided to work on the Fail condition. The trigger needed to end the game. I decided that there will be no respawns in the game, and that death ends the game. The trick is to make sure the game realizes that the game is over. I created an .exe file that has the ability to crash if the game is over.

It took a few tries, but using Playmaker, i was able to create the perfect condition to cause the game to crash on death. this is one part of the checklist that I thought would be one of the more difficult portions. the final pieces are next, the Pass Condition will be more difficult than the Fail condition was, undoubtedly.