Today was a sad day in gaming for me. I lost a close friend…


It was in my life for about 7 years. It was my method of escape when times were stressful. It took me to faraway lands, introduced me to various characters across multiple franchises, and was my sole connection to some of my gamer friends.

I knew it was almost time for it to make its last run when i was playing NBA 2K14 and the fans were spinning much faster than normal.  i tried to give it as much air as possible and clean it well, but it was too late. one yellow light, blinking red light, end of an era. I frantically attempted to revive its functions, but to no avail. Unfortunately, I could not delay the inevitable.Its time of death was 1:15 am, November 6th.

It lived a long life, it was one of the first PS3 editions, one that could play PS2 games. It was a kind that was very rare in this current age, and it was irreplaceable.  I do have a PS4 coming soon, but it will not be able to replace, or even play, the games that i experience on my beloved machine. I am taking it somewhere in hopes of getting the PS3 revived, however, nothing lasts forever, and something that is broken can never be perfect again.

So, to make a long story short: goodbye old friend