Pixel art stuff



Since I spend so much time at work, and 3D art is a no go (I dont think unity is allowed), I have been making Prototypes of what my game would be like if it was in pixel art. Once again, I was inspired by my colleague  who was/is making an android game using  clickteam fusion. Not wanting to jump ship again, and knowing that Construct has issues due to it not being native, i decided to add the art that i create into unity… eventually.

this is a mockup of what the game could look like, it definitely needs work, but i am getting better and better at creating what i need for game-ready assets. even though I am not the greatest at this, function over form will get me to where I need to be, I think.

what do you think. comment, and let me know.

and, here is some older versions for comparison.

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