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No shortcuts.

So, since the whole “why re-invent the wheel” philosophy has been adopted, I’ve been gathering assets, all of which i could use commercially. The one thing that I only created minimally is human characters. the human body isnt the bad part – Its the human head. it has way too many curves to do quickly. In order for me to make characters without a team behund me, I need a character creator.

Insert Fuse:

Mixamo, a name frequently seen with Unity and inside of its store made a character creator that allows you to make characters with premade pieces… and it is royalty free. pieces can be auto rigged and placed into unity easily.

My Biggest Like/ Dislike

I was able to create a character in 5 minutes, with the demo version i created a female, and with the steam version (which was on sale for $50 when i bought it) I quickly created and auto rigged a zombie.

fuse character

The biggest issue is that the charater creation is quick because the options are not extensive. you do not get to create the face. you only get to chose a premade face.  you also cannot chose parts to have different skin colors in case you wanted a human with robot colored arms… that will not happen unless you make a custom arm set for  the character and add the arm to the set pieces.

so the characters at this point are good for prototypes, but with the lack of features… thats about it. more will be added soon so i will check more, but it is a pretty good program,

Now after buying Fuse, I ran into 2 free character creators – MakeHuman and Unity Multipurpose Avatar (UMA). UMA, I havent work with yet, since it is an asset in unity and opening assets are different for each type. but MakeHuman is different from Fuse in many Different ways


My Buggest Likes/Dislikes:

MakeHuman is slider based.  each part of the human body can be change through the use of sliders. the result is more detailed but will take much longer than that of Fuse. The Chlothes are lacking… Extremely lacking.  the characters will need work in order for them to be complete, however, having the base character to customize is much better than having to create the character from the beginning. this would be good for main characters since it is much more detailed.

In conclusion, There are no shortcuts for full character creation, but both of these programs mean that i have one less thing to worry about. and with the programs both being good, that is always a good thing