More destimonium Updates 5/16/2017 – Digital Thoughts in an Analogue World

More destimonium Updates 5/16/2017

For the past few months, I’ve been working on having the overall system of the game intact and I finally finished it.

there are tweaks that will need to be done for each system, but no new systems are needed in order to complete the game. This means that I will be able to focus more on other aspects of  the game. here is what I will be focusing on in order to move the game closer to completion.

  • Story.
  • Dungeons and Puzzles.
  • Populating the world.
  • Presentation.

These will be important moving forward. I may have some assistance with the dungeons, I just need to provide the ideas. Populating the world will be decent, since I am still using the character creator, but may be harder when creating children. I will work on that later.

The presentation is important to a story based RPG and will need to be great in order to draw people into the story. The best evidence of this would be how Mass Effect: Andromeda drew criticism for its botched facial animations. Finally, the reason why I wanted to make an RPG in the first place… the story. I changed some of the story to reflect the gameplay and make the two seem more  in line with each other, but I want the game to be engaging and having the player question what they thought “Antagonist” and “Protagonist” means

There is one other thing that I am debating. The game will be a serious undertaking – I knew that when I started creating the game. However, to stop now would be wasting 2 years of progress. I scaled the game down at one point during development, however, the game will still take a decent amount of time. I believe that what I can do in order to bring the game as intended, is to make the game episodic. Those who purchase the full game will have the episodes patched in upon completion, this will keep the saved games intact. there are other ways to keep the continuity going and I am exploring each option. and the option that is the best for the game as a whole will be the option that I will work with.

…in other words: the show must go on, and during development time you will find me stuck to my desk, pressing buttons like Stanley from “The Stanley Parable.”


If you have any questions, or would like to contact me, my social media information is on the sidebar, as well as my Discord server. feel free to drop by.