Molyneux: Broken Promises, again


Peter Molyneux – famous as the creator of the god game Populous, as well as the Fable series – is known for over-promising and under-delivering.

One famous example would be that in the original fable, one of the features would allow you to pluck an acorn from a tree and plant it into the ground. During the game you would see that acorn grow into a new tree. This feature was completely removed, and other features, such as raising a child and having multiplayer, did not exist until sequels were created.


The latest game: Godus, promised many things, the ability to form the terrain that your citizens will live in. Massive Multiplayer capabilities and The winner of the Curiosity game, also developed by 22 Cans, would be the “God of all Gods,” ruling over the lands and sharing revenue from the purchase of the game. None of the promises have been  fulfilled and looks less likely each day.

Disclaimer: I did purchase the game, and was looking forward to seeing each promise fulfilled, although his reputation has proved otherwise, shame on me… I guess.

There are multiple articles based on what is currently happening with the game and 22 Cans’ responses. I will leave the links, which are good reads if you have purchased Godus or is interested in Peter Molyneux’s work.

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