Mark Rein’s MOBA comment

After the creation of  “Defense of the Ancients,” and the reception of its sequel, the MOBA scene has seen a meteoric rise in popularity. games like DOTA2, League of Legends, and Smite has a large following and are being played by millions of gamers and are the most viewed on the gaming site Even DC is developing a MOBA game in hopes of receiving some of the overflow.
the term, first coined by the League of Legends creators, stand for Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, which is a fusion of action and real-time strategy games. Sometime during “The International,” a DOTA 2 tournament, Mark Rein of Epic Games tweeted “Of course we did that MOBA before the term MOBA was invented 🙂 We called it Unreal Tournament!”
Unreal Tournament is not part of the MOBA genre. Unreal Tournament is an Arena-Style First Person Shooter. and it is in the same genre as Quake 3 Arena, and most recently, Nexuiz. Although I understand his point: It is a Multiplayer game, played online in arena-styled levels, the comment seems to deliberately attempts to cause confusion between genres.
I am a fan of Epic games. however, Mark Rein could have thought of a better way to promote Unreal Tournament, like not releasing a broken game and patching it after the hardcore fans leave…