Making Destimonium less asset dependant

Floor 3

I while back, I mentioned that the rise of “Asset Flipping caused me to lose faith in creating my game with premade 3D assets. I created the Destimonium “Prison” level from 3D forge’s Tile a Dungeon kit, and although it looks like a good dungeon and has decent puzzles, it does not look like a prison to me. so I will re-create the prison with either Probuilder  or 3DS Max, placing it into the game instead. the prison will look more like what could be in a building instead of a bunch of corridors like the original map. this will make the game less 3D asset dependent and will gave more of an external art style (keep in mind my role for groups in school was mainly for external terrain and art like the Zelda level.

Also, by Asset Dependence, I mean 3D assets, there will be some assets used that are editor extensions/frameworks like ORK, Skymaster, and Cinema Mo-cap. these will assist but not affect the visual quality of the game.

also, i decided to keep the characters made in FUSE. after creating the custom clothing, the characters lost the ability to speak, so I will work on the characters as is for now until i can come with a different solution for custom characters.