Long Time No See

Here are the updates so far:


I have been noticing that, now that i am posting more about gaming on social networking, the amount of followers have been rising. I have focused on getting one game finished this year. it will be a short game but it will be a game. the prerequisites are:

  • Title Screen
  • AI
  • Game Over Screen with High Score.

the level is almost complete and the AI test is available via Skwiggs 1983’s Dropbox: more will be added throughout. also, I am working with a group on a project that I hope will progress smoothly. The level and camera design is started, but it is in the planning stages right now.


There were a couple of disagreements, and the studio was on hiatus, but it will be returning soon. While the game is being worked on, Joseph Allen will be working on his second solo project.


More to come, soon