Lessons Learned.

During the development of a video game, DO NOT install a beta operating system. I repeat, DO NOT install a beta operating system.
During “Panic Heist,” I installed windows 8.1, and it was a big mistake. even though the features are pretty good. and the Modern UI was greatly improved. the trade-off was…
Slow Processing.
and DirectX issues.
to this day, the graphics lock up every time i play a DirectX 11 game. (CPU specs: my laptop has an NVidia GeForce GT 540M, a DirectX 11 compatible GPU that gives me great graphics quality, at least until the next generation’s games are released.)
Although “Panic Heist” is a 2D game with prototype art Construct 2 uses GPU processing for different rendering areas, such as TOON rendering and water movement. without the GPU working correctly, I cannot achieve the graphical polish i am looking for. My options now are, wait for a stable version of windows 8.1 or clean install windows 8.
goodbye 8.1