Last Year’s Goals, New Year’s Goals, and Progress

Last year, I finished my one year project, “Sidefect,” and began a full transition from music engineer to game developer. My goal for 2015 started as “world creation.” I wanted to create 2 towns and 3 dungeons for the RPG before the year end.

That goal failed. but this is because mid-year, I learned how to use “Ork Framework” and quickly started making cutscenes for my game and puzzle concepts. The intro cutscene looks good to me, but the polished versions of the cutscene may take a while since the animators I know both went to ScrewAttack:

Congrats to them both. Torri has made 12 animations for Deathbattle and DeeJay starts in 2016. However, this means I will need to step up and create good animations for myself, which is tedious but may not be as hard as I am making it out to be.


I created the world map for the game and, using assets from 3D forge, I created a 3 level dungeon for Destimonuim’s chapter 1: Prison Escape. floor 1 is almost complete. I’m in the process of creating more enemies for the game and hopefully I can create more enemies both organic and robotic.

Part of one of the enemies.

My goal for this year is to make sure that my game matches the chapters that I have available. In the chapters, the main character is in “Konran no Mori” being attacked by the boss and meeting one of the party members that will assist in the journey.

Development videos and streams will be forthcoming, please join me in my journey in creating my RPG, Destimonium.


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