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Kinda Funny “Backstabbing”Response

There are members of the Kinda Funny community that states that Colin Moriarty Left Kinda Funny because the other founders Backstabbed him, Although Multiple times he and others have stated otherwise.

Here is my response to a member of the community that i wanted to share:

1. Greg said that Colin was reckless because he really was reckless. 2. Greg said the problem wasnt’t the joke, but it was placing the joke on the wrong platform. Twitter isn’t the place for jokes that can be labelled as offensive. 3. Before the statement was made, they already talked in person. finally, They didn’t want him to go. He stopped doing PAX East and Kinda Funny against Greg’s wishes. He could’ve stayed, He didn’t want to.


They Live with Colin. Colin’s name is on the office lease. They mentioned that he will forever be part of Kinda Funny. I don’t see this “backstabbing” that others are talking about.