Ideas: For RPG

Imagine This:

After waking up from a year-long coma, you find out your best friend – someone you supposedly killed – is alive and possibly planning revenge on the people who left him for dead.

The aforementioned people are so afraid, they send you into investigate, and possibly end the threat. However, refusal may lead you back to the Dungeons.

Mixed information regarding your involvement with your friends death begins to confuse you and you begin to question your own memory.

Do you continue what you were hired to do, side with your friend, or leave?

This is the synopsis of Lost Destinies, titled so because the protagonist and the antagonists were once destined to be great, until one event caused them to be outsiders in their own countries. This game may take a while to build, so as I am finalizing the story, I am working on one milestone at a time.

First Milestone: world building.

New Checklist:

1. Towns

2. Dungeons

3. One Continent, One Island.

The game will be big, but not to big to finish, if I create the game this wasy, I hope…