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I almost lost my game data… Big Backup Mistakes

Once again. This issue revolves around fiddling with my Operating system. My Windows 10 machine suddenly began slowing down ridiculously, with the culprit being excessive “disk” usage. I decided that, instead of waiting “days” for CHKDSK to repair problems. I will wipe windows 10 and start over. I backed up my game projects onto OneDrive and began the wipe

Moments later, I had windows 10 installed and I attempted to add OneDrive to retrieve my backup. somehow, the install for OneDrive failed in the middle of transferring and when it was fixed, the corrupt files wrote over the good files, leaving an 11GB rar file with a reading of 0 bytes. because I depended on this backup, I did not have a second backup that would bring my old information back.

To make a long story short… I F**ked up.

Luckily, when i backed up the game files, I deleted the old file instead of overwriting the information within. so there was a recycle bin with my game (all 11GBs) inside of it. with a few modifications it was up and running.

This is not the first time that this has happened to me. In the process of creating more space for myself i accidentally crashed the OS and had to fish out the data for SiDefect with a Linux Live CD. The best thing i can say from this is… well.. at least I didn’t erase a whole MMO from existence… I have been lucky to gather the information without having to start over, but here are a few tips that I would suggest using so you will not make my mistakes:

Make more than one backup:

I originally had an external hard drive as a backup to co-exist with the one drive. however, I let the backup from there lapse since it was a network drive and it would backup very slowly compared to the backups that were available. If you go this route. make sure that you have a physical copy as well as a cloud copy. this will help especially if your cloud software decides to overwrite the wrong thing.

Use Version Control Software:

My game has third party assets, so to protect the assets and keep in line with the EULA i will need a private repository. however, with VCS like git. you tell the software when to back up and when to overwrite instead of the software deciding for itself. however, this my not be the best for everyone. it is known to be better if a team is involved instead of a single developer

Back up Frequently:

The moment that you have a decent amount of progress, back the project up. If you decide to update the engine, back up. If you are even thinking about if you should back up, then you should back up. you never know when that backup will save you.

I now have multiple backups, This will not happen again. nope… i think…