How i almost quit making SiDefect (and how i was able to continue)

A couple of days ago, i made a comment on twitter about lessons with my operating system.

Well, placed the beta OS on a virtual machine, using virtualbox. and it was running extremely slow. I could not enjoy the “new OS goodness” that i wanted to explore. well, not knowing about windows 8’s ability to make virtual hard drives – I decided to resize my partition and free up space to place the OS natively. at the end or the process there was a power surge that now only hurt the resize, It damaged windows 8.

no matter what i tried to do, the OS was gone.  figured that since it was damaged, it would be easy to repair, but I had to hope and pray that SiDefect wasn’t corrupted. I was able to retrieve the Users folder (the most important one if you are saving data) and created new partitions for the 2 OS. as expected, the game had errors galore. it was then, that i decided, if i cant fix the game, then Sidefect was over. I would create a new game in a different genre.

the fixing process took about 2 weeks. graphics were missing from the game, parts of the level were rearranged, and the some of the assets from the asset store stopped working with one another due to an update. so, most of the damage control consisted of creating new AI to control the enemies and set up spawn points for each of them


I was eventually able to refresh the game and have mimimal errors. so the game will continue. I also created 3 different backups, to ensure theis doesnt happened again. I am now writing this from Windows 10, which is looking good so far