How Damaged is…

Disclaimer: when i am not doing my Chillback Digital game-related content, I am working on comic-related content with “Super Lame

There has been a three episodes of the new series, “how damaged is…” (5 if you include The Punisher and Batman) and I wanted to post about what It is about, what to expect, and the future.

How damaged is looks at the origin of each Super Hero or Super Villain an attempts to pinpoint the event that could cause a Psychological or Behavioral issue. This behavioral issue would last throughout the person’s career and is the defining characteristic that one would notice in the exploits of said hero. As an example i will place what the issues were below, to see the full episode, click the issue and the video will appear

Batman: Multiple-Personality Disorder 

The Punisher: PTSD or Sympathetic Storming

Iron Fist: PTSD and lack of cultral assimilation

Red Hood: Psychological trauma due to events of death and resurrection

Spiderman: Obsession with personal actions (OCD)

Because this only deals with the origin story, there are many things afterward that can be missed. However, the stories within will give you a general idea of how each character thinks – or at least how they were thinking at the beginning of the character’s career.

i chose “How damaged is..” as the title, mainly because when a mental image is detected, many people are labelled as “damaged” or “broken.” The term “broken” in the gaming community means something different than what i wanted to portray, so “damaged” works. The people that are listed have done extraordinary things in their respective stories, so being “damaged” does not mean that you are a menace, or doesn’t essentially mean that you need to be fixed, which is why the multitude of disclaimers exists. There is one that i plan on using in the majority of the videos that states:

“Disorders are categories of behavioral states that are different than the societal norms and is dependent on the social laws of the time in question. The Symptoms for each disorder could vary per civilization, and some disorders may not be actual disorders at all.”

In the future, I will do more heroes and will begin to add villains to the mix. Maybe i will perform the opposite, and show how the villains are not as insane as society thinks. hopefully you have watched the shows. If you have, let me know what you think. If you have any criticisms, let me know them as well so i can use them to make the videos even better.