Sorry’s and thank you’s


Well, the website went down this morning. to put it bluntly, I erased it accidentally. at least it was only the website and not an entire game (insert Server Screw Up Kills MMO – The Escapist). Unfortunately I did not create a back up… and there is no undo on server deletion.
So, since i have the opportunity, It’s time to redo the site. one piece for the blog one piece for the projects. the blog is still open for comments using your favorite social networking login and participation is encouraged. hopefully participation will become more frequent for the people that are reading the site unless I’m the one entering in 1500 times monthly.
speaking of 1500 monthly views: thank you. it seems like a small thing vs. the number of people on the internet, but it is good step toward growth. there was this quote, something about steps and leaps, but you get the idea.