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“How would you react, if you were assigned to hunt down your best friend?”

This is the question that is asked throughout Destimonium. You are Alex, a Knight who awakens from a coma in time for his execution. He escapes and takes refuge in a neutral territorry, known as Heaven’s Hill. After taking a number of jobs, you are assigned with finding information regarding the whereabouts of your friend, who should be deceased.

Things aren’t always as they seem.

The game is in early, pre-alpha development more about the world and the characters within will be coming soon.





A product of a one year challenge for my first game. It started as a part of a game jam with “synthetics” as the subject and grew into a project. The project will always be free, and will grow depending on public interest. Also, various bugs are still in the game, and bug fixed are incoming, but it shouldn’t be as bad as the bugs in Assassin’s Creed Unity… I hope…

Cancelled UDK Zelda Project.

Class project created in UDK. Anthony Risker did the overall level layout and imported the audio. Da Vaughn Henderson provided the audio, Enhanced the 3d Models, and Jimmy Salaiz made models of the houses, also added custom collision.

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BiPed’s Journey

Named because the Hero was the 3DS Max Biped, it was the Final Class Project created in UDK. this was supposed to be a remake of the 2D flash game that was made earlier in the year.

You can find Photos of the  game at the Epic Forum, As well as a Gallery Here.