game update: character development.

Sometimes, If something needs to be done, you just have to do it yourself…
But, thanks to the gift and curse of being a Jack-of-all-trades, and being undecided on my specialty, I am not a great artist. I’m not bad, just not great.


the player character is in the process of being drawn using vector art. please note: the picture that is viewable is not the final product. i am I’m the process of animating the 2D player character and changing the gameplay camera to view more of the level and less of the art. a colleague ( once told me that i will be more proud of the game with my art because it will be in my style, but i am my own worst critic, I believe. i also have to replace the placeholder art with “more detailed” art.

the character animation will be as fluent as i can make it, and as soon as it is finished, I will add it to the demo in the games gallery.