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Game engine talk

While in school, I started working with UDK, a free version of Unreal Engine 3. I was in love with the graphics quality and the BSP editor. with the ability to create on the fly,  I was able to quickly create environments and start a game. For example, the cancelled Zelda project used BSP’s to create the landscape.

In my eyes, the Unreal engine was the best engine for me. My favorite developers was developing for the system, and multiple games were released using that engine in the past decade, allowing me to see and emulate the possibilities. I was bummed to find out that UDK would be discontinued, and that UE4 would have a subscription model. Eventually, I started using Unity, fell in love with the Asset Store, and created a nifty little project.

I was excited to find out that Unreal Engine 4, is now free. The royalty model that was used in UDK is close to the model being used in the newest engine. for comparison’s sake, here is a video of another Zelda project in UE4

It is like night and day. The tools that are here are insane. With the engine being one of the best graphically, It can definitely be an asset. I will try this engine and post my results, however, because I did invest a lot into assets and Extentions for Unity, i doubt I will be leaving that engine anytime soon.