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Game Engine Talk 2: More Announcements


I recently mentioned that UnrealEngine 4 Dropped its subscription model and became free to download, I did not expect even more big news immediately after that.


Unity, a game engine that can develop for just about anything, has released its 5th iteration. This added many of the next gen tools needed to make a game look, play, and feel, Even better. As an added bonus, Unity finally unlocked all of the pieces of the game’s engine. No more having to pay for real time shadows and camera effects. Unity 5 will continue to be royalty free.

In the previous blog i mentioned that I would not leave unity due to the amount of time and money spent, and that was a great time to say so. most of the pieces in the asset store is already Unity 5 ready and although some of the pieces have been glitched, the transition from 4 to five has been an easier task than previously thought.

After the bombshell that was the Unity 5 launch. Gabe Newell began to speak. and it was Good.


Source 2, the successor to the engine powering Titanfall and Half-life 2. will be available to developers for free. There is no word on if there is a royalty fee involved, but It will be exciting to see how it functions.

Now that we have a third engine from valve, will we finally see a third Half-Life? probably not.

Finally. Autodesk has introduced Stingray. there isn’t much available image-wise, but with Autodesk owning 3Ds Max, Maya, and Softimage, I expect lots of integration, we shall see if the potential matches the product.