Day and Night theme song: Destimonium

11 years ago, I began making music and released a “street” Hip Hop album called “For the Streets: Volume one” with a group of colleagues. due to lifestyle changes I began to branch away from music and began to create my dream project: an RPG. Before then I knew that music was something i could not simply put away for good. I left my Hip Hop comfort zone and began to create the soundtrack for Destimonium.

I wanted to add a World map, something that exists differently now compared to the older generation of Final Fantasy Games existed. and thanks to the dynamic sky system, I added a Day/Night system.

Destimonium outside world made with unity terrain.

During the day, the game played a fast pased tune. one that signified the vastness of the world while the tones signified that peace did not truly exist, the pacing was inspired by “The Legend of Zelda’s” overworld theme (the one that is posted was covered by Smooth McGroove:

It is an iconic song that is fast paced and memorable. this was my attempt at invoking the same feeling:

I am totally satisfied with the theme, however, when playing the game at night, there is a different feeling to the game altogether, and although the game is unfinished, I felt that the game needed a different theme at night. In Ocarina of time, the music basically stops and the sounds are from the atmosphere itself, I did not want that in this game. however i did  want my world map theme to have a different feeling at night:

the results are great. I will need to make a video on it soon, but there are other videos that are backed up. more will be explained in due time.