Checklist: the Win Condition

So…Lets start with the checklist

Title Screen – Done and Live

Pass condition – Done

Fail condition – Done and Live

Game Over Screen – Done

Pause Screen – Done but enemies don’t pause yet

Functioning enemies – Done and Live…

Spawn System – Done

Now that you’ve had a look at the updated checklist, Let’s talk about the latest milestone: Adding a Win Condition to the game.

The win condition required more than the Fail Condition. the fail condition only needed to recognized when the player died. causing a game over screen to occur. There were 2 types of conditions that I wanted to use:

  1.  Score: this will leave a score that will let you know how many points you will have after death. Possibly look forward to a leaderboard
  2.  Wave: after a set amount of waves, the game will stop and congratulate you on your success.

I decided that Wave would be more rewarding. because it takes more to defeat 5 waves that it would to add a score. the function basically has a “Completed waves” function that tells the waves to stop after a certain amount and after the amount ends, the game knows to congratulate you. The test ended after one wave but the game will have 5. The main goal now Is to make the waves difficult but not frustrating.