Building the outside world…

I am, on my free time, working on an RPG titled “Destimonium.” It may take some time. due to only being able to work on it overnight, during the weekend. Once it further along, I may decide on doing a Crowd-funding drive in order to move forward faster, since more time on the game will mean less time for family, i will need to figure out a balance for both.

On to the Real topic… The game is going for an “old school” feel, with Turn-Based battles and the world Map, similar to Final Fantasy.

Well, when I created the first version of the map, I created hills and Mountains, with not enough space for other forms of terrain, or anything man made, This became more of a hassle as the world progressed.  The world is based on post apocalyptic times, with Future tech being integrated into a Medieval setting, with ruins of the modern world throughout. The earlier version of the map does not allow for this to happen.

world map

I decided to keep the overall shape, this helps with level flow. however Many of the hills are being destroyed and replaced with different land masses to fit with the world.


Also, I underestimated the size of the world. it seems like a small land mass but in game it is HUGE. the bridge to town takes much longer than expected  and can lead to boredom. as a result, I am looking into one of 2 things, Vehicles or Transportation Vendors. Similar to many RPGs there will be a person willing to take you from one place to another for a small fee. Either through horseback, carriages carried by other humans, or short-range teleport pads similar to the ones seen in the prison stage. Terra-forming the land may also be a good idea for shortening the bridge issue, but it can also be detrimental, due to having longer land mass to traverse instead.

Working on this game for the second year has shown me more and more about game design, an I cannot wait to have a playable demo ready for your enjoyment. until then, here is a video for the first level.