Asset Flipping and Game dev decisions

In 2012, I graduated with a Bachelors in Digital entertainment and game design. The following year, I started developing games independently. I chose Unity after UDK retired and challenged myself to a functioning game within one year. After attempting to do everything alone, I finally decided to give the asset store a try and attempted make a game before one year was up. The main character is from the asset UFPS, and wasnt changed due the rapid updating happening that year, followed by a massive computer crash that almost killed all progress. Other than that, the level was made Using a modified Space Station asset, the characters were modified from Mixamo’s Fuse character creator, and the spawn system used Core Gamekit.

Because i knew the basics of coding, and came from an engine that was mostly visual scripting. I bought Playmaker – a visual scripting and Finite State Machine – and It made development so much easier for me. The game went from being slightly playable to having a custom start screen, Pass\Fail scenarios and It allowed me to fix any broken pieces that caused the game to crash or bug out. Before the end of 2014 i posted SiDefect on my website and in 2015 I discovered itchio, where the game can be downloaded for free. To date the game doesn’t have the views that i wanted, so it will stay as-is for now. At least until I create the Mobile VR version.


The moral of the story is this, the asset purchasing helped me become adept at unity and  has assisted me in my first ever game. This was meant to show myself that if could be done and is one of the best accomplishments for me. Instead of other developers working hard and attempting to make the best games they could possibly make, they perform what is called “Asset Flipping” – the act of taking demo scenes and creating games out of them with little to no modification. With Multiple developers, Like Digital Homicide, being called out for flipping, and YouTubers, like Jim Sterling, making it his mission to call out these games. It does make it harder for those who are one-man teams that responsibly use the assets.

I am Currently making an RPG, which uses the assets made by 3D forge, Mixamo Fuse Characters, SALSA Lip sync for facial animations, SKY Master, for the day-night basics. and the RPG framework ORK. It has taken over 2 years to have the systems work the way i need them too. With a custom day-night system, complete with time events and time manipulation. Real-time cutscenes and a Battle System that fits the feel that I want it to be. The problem is, By the time the game will be ready to released, the asset flipping may become worse, essentially ruining the respectability of using any assets at all

I have a few options:

  1. Keep the art as-is. Attempting to avoid the “asset flipping” label throughout.
  2. Change the art to all custom models. Either through building a team, Obtaining Volunteers similar to what YandereDev did with his Yandere simulator, or building each asset myself, greatly slowing down feature building and story progression. Not to mention the overall time completion.
  3. Mix up the Custom/Premade ratio: For example, Using Fuse Base Character with Custom Clothing and/or Weapons. Levels with Premade walls but custom interior, etc. This will ensure that I have a better ratio of both and will cause delays, but not as bat as it would with option 2.

I am leaning toward option 3. I am working on Expanding some of the features while I decide on my final solution.