Art Style and Doubt – Digital Thoughts in an Analogue World

Art Style and Doubt

I previously stated that i wanted to do Pixel art for my Samsung developer game. The more I researched the art, the more I wanted to 3D model it. I doubt my ability and time for frame-by-frame art. Also, My brain is always thinking of polys and materials. I can’t escape it. Also, doing 3D art will help with creating art assets for My RPG in the future. Therefore I am going to change the gane style from 2D to 2.5D

To those who don’t know, 2.5D is simply 3D art moving on a 2D plane. screens_05

Similar to Mighty no 9. In fact. Mighty no 9 is the reason why i want to take a shot at this type of game. “I can do it better” fits how i feel about this… ok… game. although I probably can’t I still want to attempt. for this, I have the perfect framework that i can use in Unity.

Corgi Engine works Great on mobile. I have the demo version on my (replaced) Note 7 and there is little slowdown.

I have not completely stopped 2d art however.I will attempt to Draw concept art for use with  the games with the S pen. hopefully I will get better and more efficient at both.