Another Passion Project…

I am officially an Android developer and a Samsung developer. yay?


I say that to say this: I’m going to try pixel art again…

I always start it, because I love the retro look, and I want to show my daughter how to draw, however I always stop once I realize that there is no easy way to animate 2D art. I default to 3D everytime. To me it is easier, and more lifelike.

(Actually, I just default to avoiding animation… shame on me…)

I decided to make the characters 64 X 64 bit. bigger than NES graphics – Mario was only 10 X 12 – and each character will have basic animations. this should be good for a mobile game.


I have 2 ideas so far. I can resurrect “Gerbil the Hamster in Escape from Panic Land” with a cartoony Sonic-like Style, or a game with a futuristic, Megaman-Like style.

decisions, decisions…