About Mr Risker.

I realized that I did not make an “About me” page on the site, so I will add the information here and add the information later on it’s own separate page.


To those who are new to the site, or have checked out the posts from time to time, welcome!

I am Anthony Risker. Currently I work in the Technical support/Help Desk field, normally in call centers. Outside of that, I am an Independent game developer and music producer who posts Art and Assets, as well as Coding discussions when I learn new information in the C# coding language. I am proficient in the Unity Engine and has published Unity Assets for use in commercial games.

Also, I am part of a group that discusses Comic Book information and other Geek Culture goodness known as “Super Lame.” I am a personality on the YouTube page Hosting the “Marvel vs. DC Mondays” and “How Damaged is…” videos. I create the custom music, as well as edit the videos that I narrate in.

Many of my exploits are chronicled here, with projects found in the “Games Gallery.” More will be added soon so keep an eye out on the page.

Thank you for taking your time out to read this page, and hopefully you will follow along with my journey.